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How do I connect my EPSON receipt printer?

The EPSON receipt printer is compatible with iOS devices only. 

Ovatu will also work with any cash drawer that is compatible and supported by the EPSON receipt printer

To connect your EPSON receipt printer with the Ovatu iOS App:

  1. Connect your EPSON receipt printer to your network
  2. Connect your EPSON receipt printer with Ovatu

1. Connect your EPSON receipt printer to your network

(These instructions are a general guide only, for assistance with connecting your printer to your network, please contact EPSON customer support)

Plug in your power cable between your printer and powerpoint

Plug in your ethernet cable between the printer and your internet router

Stick a pen into the small button next to the Ethernet port – this generates a print out showing the IP address of the printer

Open settings on your iOS device and tap on Wi-Fi

Tap the blue (i) icon next to your Wi-Fi network

Tap Configure IP, and change this to 'Manual'

In the IP address field, enter the first the IP address from the printer receipt. Enter the first 3 sections the same, and replace the last with .1

In the Subnet Mask field, enter


Tap Save

Open Safari and enter the IP address on the print-out into the address bar

Tap TCP/IP from the left menu

Change the 'Get IP Address' field to 'Auto'


Tap Submit

Tap Reset

In the Ovatu app, go back to Settings > Wi-Fi and change your Wi-Fi settings back to normal

2. Connect your EPSON receipt printer with Ovatu

To connect your EPSON receipt printer with Ovatu, tap the Managetab, scroll to the Point of Sale section and tap on Printers


Tap on your printer in the Printers section (this can take a few moments to appear), a green tick will appear once connected

If you have a cash drawer compatible with the EPSON receipt printer, you can activate it using the options in the Settings section:

  • Cash Drawer - tap this to connect the cash drawer
  • Open Drawer after Payment - tap this to open the cash drawer after each payment


Now, when using the Print Sale option with a Sale in your iOS Ovatu App, the Sale will be printed via your EPSON receipt printer:


Each time you close a Sale in your Ovatu iOS App, you will be presented with the following options:

  • Print Receipt - select this to print a receipt when Sale is closed
  • Open Cash Drawer - if you have an EPSON receipt printer compatible cash drawer connected, select this to open the cash drawer when the Sale is closed


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