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How do I view, edit or delete a Purchase Order?

To view, edit or delete a Purchase Order, choose Manage > Products > Purchase Orders


To View

If a Purchase Order is 'Complete', it cannot be edited only viewed, click the View icon to view the Purchase Order how-do-i-view-edit-or-delete-a-purchase-order

To Edit

If a Purchase Order is still 'Open', it can be edited, click the Edit icon to edit the Purchase Order how-do-i-view-edit-or-delete-a-purchase-order

See How do I create a Purchase Order?, for instructions on how to complete the Purchase Order

To Delete

To delete a Purchase Order


Click the Delete icon how-do-i-view-edit-or-delete-a-purchase-order


Click the Viewiconhow-do-i-view-edit-or-delete-a-purchase-order to view the Purchase Order, then click the Actions button at the top left and choose Delete Order

how-do-i-view-edit-or-delete-a-purchase-order Click OK

Please Note: Deleting a Purchase Order does not affect the inventory levels for the Products within the Purchase Order

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