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How do I connect Ovatu with my Slack account?

To connect Ovatu with your Slack account, choose Integration > Apps

Locate the Slack tile

how-do-i-connect-ovatu-with-my-slack-account Click Connecthow-do-i-connect-ovatu-with-my-slack-account

You will be redirected to the Slack website

how-do-i-connect-ovatu-with-my-slack-account Follow the steps to log into your Slack account

Then select a Channel to post to, and click Authorise


Locate the Slack tile again


Click Options how-do-i-connect-ovatu-with-my-slack-account Here you can match up your Employee names with their Slack user names, using the drop down menushow-do-i-connect-ovatu-with-my-slack-account

You can also select which alerts you would like to receive, using the checkboxes

Use the on/offto select/deselect all


Click Savehow-do-i-connect-ovatu-with-my-slack-account

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