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How do I connect Ovatu with my MailChimp account?

To connect Ovatu with your MailChimp account, choose Integration > Apps

Locate the MailChimp tile


Click Connecthow-do-i-connect-ovatu-with-my-mailchimp-account

You will be redirected to the MailChimp site

Enter your MailChimp Username and Password and click Log In


You will return to Ovatu to complete your setup

Click Selectfor the audience list you'd like to sync Ovatu to


Match up your MailChimp variables with your Ovatu fields using the drop down menus


To sync Customer Custom Fields to your MailChimp audience firstly ensure those fields have been created in your MailChimp audience list. You'll then be able to view those fields in the variables column listed above and use the arrow on the right of the Customer field above to select the Custom Field to sync in Ovatu. See How do I add a Custom Field to Customers?

Click Savehow-do-i-connect-ovatu-with-my-mailchimp-account

Locate the MailChimp tile again


Click Actions and choose Sync

You will receive an email confirming the sync has completed. Your Customer details will then be synced to your MailChimp account.

Please note:

  • This is not a continuous sync, please Sync your Customers before sending an email campaign from MailChimp
  • This is a 1 way sync, from Ovatu to MailChimp. Changes made in MailChimp will not be synced to Ovatu
  • When multiple Customers have the same email address in Ovatu, only the first Customer will be synced as MailChimp rejects additional Customers with the same email address
  • MailChimp will reject and not sync what it considers to be fake or invalid email addresses

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