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Why are Health Checks so important?

iOS devices sync with our server when the Ovatu app is opened and then every five minutes automatically while the app is open. During the sync process, the most recent data is uploaded to our servers from your device and downloaded from our servers to the device.

The Ovatu app will regularly prompt you to also run a Health Check. Health Checks compare the data on the iOS device with the data on the Ovatu servers and let you know if there's any mismatches. 

Running regular Health Checks is very important and prevents small syncing issues turning into larger problems

It is important to leave the iOS device alone whilst it is running a Health Check, as some actions may cause the health check to be incomplete or incorrect 

If a Health Check returns with stellar results, tap OK > Done. This means all the data matches and you're good to go:


If a Health Check returns with an error, this means the data on your iOS device does not match the data we have on our servers

Performing a Deep Sync on your device forces your device to run an in depth sync with our servers and will usually match up the data

To perform a Deep Sync:

  1. Open the Ovatu app and tap on Manage and then on Perform Deep Sync
  2. Tap Bookings and leave the device alone (so it's not being used) until the sync and resulting Health Check has completed. Please note that it could take several minutes to complete

If the Health Check following the Deep Sync fails, please contact Ovatu and let us know. We'll get it all fixed before it becomes an issue.

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