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How do I view the sales history of a Product?

To view the sales history of a Product, choose Manage > Products > List


Click the Sales History icon against the required Product how-do-i-view-the-sales-history-of-a-product

This screen contains a list of all the Sales in your account which contain this Product


Click View Sale to view each Sale how-do-i-view-the-sales-history-of-a-product

In the iOS app, the best way to view the Sales history of a Product, is via the Product Inventory

To view this, tap Manage then tap Products


Tap the relevant Product in the Product list, then tap the Inventory field:


A list of all Sales in which this Product appears will display. Tap on any Sale to view it:


Full Sales history for Products can be viewed in the web and iOS apps. Limited history can be viewed in the Android app. The best way to do this is via the Inventory Control tab

To view this, tap Managethen tapProducts

Tap directly on the relevant Product in your Product List > INVENTORY CONTROL


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