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How do I add a new Resource?

To add a new Resource, choose Manage > Employees > Resources

how-do-i-add-a-new-resource Click +Add Resourcehow-do-i-add-a-new-resource

Complete the required fields in the Resource Tab:


NameEnter the name of the Resource
EnabledDeselecting this checkbox will hide this Resource, from being displayed as an option in the system
Allow InternetSelect this checkbox to allows this Services using this Resource to be available for Online Booking
Resource RosteredSelect this checkbox to allow this Resource to be rostered, in the same way as an Employeeeg if the Resource is an assistant, or as room which is at times unavailableFor instructions on Rostering, see: How do I set an employee's normal working hours?

Click Save

If using Resource Types, click the Resource Types Tab


Using the checkboxes select the Resource Type/s to tag this Resource with

Please note, you must first add your Resource Types

Click Save

To add a New Resource, from the Manage Screen, tapResources


Tap the '+' icon, then complete the following:


Enter the name of the Resource

Slide the relevant RESOURCE TYPE(s) enable button(s), to select the Resource Type/s to tag this Resource with

Please note, you must first add your Resource Types

Tap Done

*Please Note:*Additional settings such as rostering your Resource, or displaying it during online booking, are available via the Web App.

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