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How do I disable an automated Form?

Forms that have been automated (see How do I automate forms?), will be sent according to their automation settings. However, it is possible to enable or disable automatic sending at any time.

Forms that are have automation enabled, display an Automation tag.

To disable a Form from being sent automatically go to the Manage > Forms page and click on the Edit button for the Form:how-do-i-disable-an-automated-form

In the Edit Form window, deselect the Automation Enabled checkbox and Save that change:


Forms that have had automatic sending disabled, display the Automation: Disabled tag:


When a Form automation is disabled it will not be sent automatically for any Reservations. All the automated settings are kept for each Service though, so if you'd like to start sending that Form automatically again simply select the Automation Enabled checkbox and Save that change. This turns the automation for that Form back on and it will be sent as per the automated Form settings in each Service, including for existing bookings.

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