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How do I automate forms?

Forms can be attached to individual Services and requested automatically in the following ways:

  • By automatically emailing a form request to the customer at the time the appointment is booked.
  • By scheduling a time for the form request to be emailed to the customer.
  • By creating an internal prompt when viewing the appointment.

Setting up Form automation is currently available via the Web App only, however Forms will be sent automatically for you (according to the automated Forms settings in your account) when you create a Booking in the Web App and also in the iOS app. They're also sent automatically for you when a Customer creates a Booking themselves online.

To automate a form, you need to first have created your form, as well as the service you wish to attach it to.

Open your Service edit window by clicking Manage > Services > List then click on the Edit button for the Service, then select the Formstab:


Complete your selection from the following, then click the how-do-i-automate-forms button:

FormSelect the form you would like to automate, from your list of existing forms.
FrequencySelect how often the form will be required:Each Reservation - Every single time an appointment is booked for this service.Once Per Service - Only the first time this service is booked for a given customer.Once Per Customer - Only once for any given customer.
Request ModeSelect when the form will be requested:Request at time of Booking- A form request will be emailed to the customer at the time the booking is created. **Scheduled Request -**The form request can be sent a number of hours before or after the appointment. Use the Scheduled Time (hours) field to schedule when the form request is to be sent. Internal Prompt - A form request will not be sent. However, the appointment window will contain a prompt to ask the customer to complete the form.

If the form has not been completed at the time of the reminder email, a form request reminder will also be sent.

Forms can be removed from the service using the how-do-i-automate-forms button.

Automated forms will be displayed within the booking tile like so:


Once a form is completed, it can be viewed using the View button:



All customer forms can be viewed in one place via the Customer file.

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