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How do I view/edit a Pass Type?

To edit a Pass Type, choose Manage > Passes > List

Displayed here is a list of all the Pass Types which exist in your account


Click the edit icon to view/edit the Pass Type  how-do-i-viewedit-a-pass-type

Click the deleteicon to delete the Pass Type how-do-i-viewedit-a-pass-type

To change the order of the Pass Type list, use the Re-order icon to hold and drag the Pass up or down the lis how-do-i-viewedit-a-pass-type

To edit a Pass Type, tap Manage, then tap Passes


Tap Edit, then tap on the Pass Type you wish to edit

Make the necessary edits and tap Save


To edit a Pass Type, tap Manage, then tap Passes


Select which Pass you would like to edit from the list of previously added Passes

Tap EDIT or the pencil icon


Make your edits and tap SAVE

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