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How do I sell Passes online?

To enable online Pass sales, choose Online Booking > Tabs

Scroll down to the Passes section


Pass Tab EnabledSelect this checkbox to show the Pass tab on your mini site and enable Pass sales on your website Pass Widget, Website Booking Bot and in the Ovatu You app
Pass Tab NameEnter the name of the Passes Tab, e.g. 'Buy Pass'
Pass Tab InformationAdd a short note explaining the tab. E.g. "Want value? We've got the packages that give you more bang for your buck!". This note appears in the booking bot when opened on your website.
Pass Terms Require AgreementSelecting this checkbox activates the Pass terms function. This includes the below 3 settings and a checkbox the Pass purchaser is required to select, which confirms they agree with your terms and allows them to proceed with the purchase.
Pass Terms TitleAdd a title to your Passes terms, e.g. 'Pass Terms'
Pass Terms ContentAdd your Passes terms
Pass Terms Accept LabelAdd a label to your Passes terms checkbox, e.g. 'I accept the Pass terms'
Pass ImageTo upload an image click the Pass Image Select File button, select the image, then click on Save in Ovatu. The image will then show in the image section.
To delete the image click the cross icon in the top right corner of the image

Click Savehow-do-i-sell-passes-online

Once enabled the Passestab will display in your mini-site like this:


When a Customer clicks on the Passes tab, they will be able to select from any of the passes currently enabled for online purchase in your account, (see How do I create a Pass Type?):


Please note, Online payments needs to be enabled first. See How do I take deposits and payments online?

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