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How do I update the price of a Service?

To update the price of a Service choose Manage > Services > List

Click the Editicon against the Service name how-do-i-update-the-price-of-a-service

Enter the updated price in the Pricefield

Click Save

The following screen with appear:


Alternatively, you can also make this screen appear by clicking Update Prices, underneath the Pricefield


Update all employeesSelect this checkbox to update the individual price for all employees (ie remove overrides)
Update all future reservationsSelect this checkbox to update the price for all future reservationsLeave this checkbox unchecked, if you do not wish to update the price for future reservations with this Service

Click Update Prices once you have made your selections.

To update the price of a Service tap Manage, tap Services, then select the relevant Service from the list

Tap on Price field, edit accordingly, then tap Save


A pop up window will show asking if you'd like to apply the updated price to all future reservations or not. Select the appropriate response to finalise the change.

To update the price of a Service, from the menu tap Manage > Services

Select the relevant Service from the left-hand list


Scroll down to the Price field and edit accordingly


Tap Save

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