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How do I allow my customers to update their marketing preferences?

It is possible to send an email to your customers, asking them to update their marketing preferences

Please ensure you have enabled the Marketing Consent function before sending this email. See How can I require Customer consent for data privacy and marketing?

This email can be sent as a mass email, or by sending an email to an individual customer.

When sending the email copy the following placeholder from the list of placeholders on the right of the page and paste it into the email: null

To make text in the email be a clickable link, highlight the text in the email body that you wish to be a link, and click the link icon:


Enter the null placeholder in the 'To what URL should this link go?' field and click the Insert Linkbutton:


The email they receive will look something like this:


When your customers click on the link in the email, a web page on your mini site will open, with the customer automatically logged into their account and showing the 'Marketing Preferences' section:


Here they can choose if they would like to receive marketing from you via SMS only, Email only, or both, or not at all

Marketing preferences do not affect transactional emails such as reminders

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