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How do I create a Customer Segment?

Customer Segment allows you to create a group of Customers and apply certain online booking criteria to those Customers only

Customer Segment settings override all other system settings

To create a Customer Segment click Customers > Segments then Add Segment:


NameEnter a name for the Segment. This name will be displayed in expanded view areas (such as the Customer profile)
Short NameEnter an abbreviated name for the Segment.This name will be displayed in constrained view areas (such as the Customer list)
ColourSelect a colour of the label used to display the name
Online Payment Capture RequiredIf you would like this Segment to override global online booking card capture settings:System Default: Use the card capture settings from the main Online Booking PreferencesRequired: Force card capture to be required regardless of global settingNot Required: Force card capture to be not required regardless of global settingFor more information on capturing customers credit cards during payments made online see How do I store and charge customer credit cards?
Online Payment Deposit RequiredIf you would like this Segment to override global online booking deposit settings enter a value as per below:Blank: Use the deposit settings from the main Online Booking Preferences
0 value: Disable deposit regardless of global setting             1-100 (%) value: Force deposit override of global setting with nominated valueFor more information on taking deposits and payments online see How do I take deposits and payments online?
Online Booking AllowedSelect if online booking is Allowed or Not Allowed for Customers in this Segment

Click Save when finished

To place a Customer into a Customer Segment, click Customers > List then Edit by the Customers name and select the Segments tab (only visible if at least one Segment has been created)

Select the Segment/s you wish this Customer to be a included in, then click Save


One customer may be a part of multiple Customer Segments

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