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How do I connect Online Booking to my own website?

Online booking can be connected to your website in 3 ways:

  1. By adding a 'Book Now' type button on your website that directs people to your mini-site
  2. With the Online Booking Widget
  3. With the Website Booking Bot

The Widgets allow a select part of your mini-site to show in your own website page. E.g. the 'Book Now' Widget shows the Online Booking part of your mini-site in your own website. This allows your customers to create bookings directly within your website. Widgets

You can see an example of how the Online Booking Widget looks and works on our demo page at


The widget codes can be found on the Online Booking > page in the Booking Widget section

You can also add widgets for the below functions in the same way and they will also work directly on your website:

  • Online Booking
  • Timetable (to show weekly recurring classes)
  • Last Minute (to show availability for the coming 7 days)
  • Reviews
  • Selling Gift Cards
  • Selling Passes
  • Customer Login (view & manage Reservations, Sales, Gift Cards, Passes Loyalty Points, Reviews, Marketing preferences, Password and personal information)


To add a Widget to your website:

  1. Create a new page on your website such as a 'Book Now' page, or know which existing page on your website you'd like the widget to show on
  2. Copy the Widget code from the Online Booking > page in your Ovatu account
  3. Edit your website with your website editor and paste the widget code on the relevant page where you'd like the widget to show. Each website editor does this differently. We're unable to provide support on how your website editor works sorry, however generally the widget code is inserted as either html code, as an iframe or as a widget. Please see your website editors instructions on how to do this, or ask your website developer/designer do it for you.

Original Widgets

The original mini site widget codes on older Ovatu accounts can be found on the Online Booking > Widgets page in the Website****Widgets section


Website Booking Bot

The Website Booking Bot is a chat type icon that displays on your own website page. 


When clicked on a pop up window opens, in which your Customers can create new Bookings, buy Gift Cards and Passes, see your Timetable, log into their Customer Profile and more. You can view an example of how it looks on our demo page:


You can use the Booking Bot instead of the website Widgets, or in addition to them...up to you

To add the Booking Bot to your website ensure that your mini site is enabled. Then go to the Online Booking > page and copy the code in the Booking Bot section and paste it into your website, just above the  tag.

Please note, Online Booking needs to be enabled first. See How do I customise my Online Booking settings?

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