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How do I customise my Online Booking Business Info?

This is where you enter your business information that you'd like to show on your mini-site, emails and on the Ovatu You app

Click Online Booking > Business Info


Complete the required fields in a section, then click Savehow-do-i-customise-my-online-booking-business-info


This contact information shows on your mini-site, the Ovatu You app and emails sent from Ovatu, when the Email Master Template is set to 'Ovatu' or ''' on the Notifications > Email Settings page see How do I customise the look of my email templates? for more info


Display Contact DetailsSelect this checkboxto show your business contact details
Contact NameEnter the name of a person to contact if you'd like a specific name to show
Business NameEnter the business name you'd like to show
EmailEnter the email address you'd like to show
PhoneEnter the phone number you'd like to show
WebsiteEnter the website address you'd like to show
Street AddressEnter the street number and name you'd like to show
CityEnter the address city you'd like to show
ZIP / PostcodeEnter the ZIP / Postcode you'd like to show
State / RegionEnter the state / region you'd like to show
CountryEnter the country you'd like to show
Show MapSelect this checkboxto show your location on a map

Once you have entered your address details, press the Find on map button. This will locate your address on the map. If the pointer is not in the exact location of your business, drag the pointer to the correct location.

*PLEASE NOTE:*Changing a business address must be done both here AND via your Account Settings page, see How do I customise my account settings?


Select the Show Business Hours checkbox to show these open times on your mini-site and on the Ovatu You app

Enter your normal opening hours for each day and click the Save button



Add your Social Media links to the relevant fields to display them on your mini-site


Facebook Page Username / IDEnter your Facebook page ID or Facebook page name (not the full Facebook page URL). You can get your Facebook page ID by entering your Facebook page URL in the field at
Twitter UsernameEnter your Twitter username
Pinterest UsernameEnter your Pinterest username
Instagram UsernameEnter your Instagram username

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