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How do I connect Online Booking with my Facebook business page?

There are two ways to connect Online Booking to your business Facebook page:

  1. Add an online booking button that allows bookings to be created in your Facebook page (only works on Facebook pages with 2000 likes or more)
  2. Set the big blue 'Call to Action' button on your Facebook page to be a 'Book Now' button, which when clicked on opens your mini site in a web browser (works for all Facebook Business pages)

Please note, the Online Booking Tab needs to be enabled before it can be integrated with Facebook. See How do I Customise my Online Booking tabs?


This method only works if you have at least 2,000 page likes, and allows customers to create bookings in your Facebook page

Choose Integration > Apps

Locate the Facebook tile:


Click Connecthow-do-i-connect-online-booking-with-my-facebook-business-page

how-do-i-connect-online-booking-with-my-facebook-business-page Click Continue as ...

how-do-i-connect-online-booking-with-my-facebook-business-page Click OK

how-do-i-connect-online-booking-with-my-facebook-business-page Click OK

A list of your Facebook pages will appear

Click on the page that you would like to connect to Ovatu


Locate the Facebook tile again


Click the Actions button and select Add to my Page


Your Online Booking is now connected to you Facebook business page

Book Now! button will appear in menu tabs of your Facebook page, and when clicked on will open Ovatu Online Booking within your Facebook page


Depending on how you have the tabs on your Facebook page setup it may be necessary to click on the More tab and select Book Now! for the online booking page to show. You can edit your Facebook page setup so that the Book Now! button is one of the tabs that show automatically (without the 'More' button needing to be selected first) if you'd like to. If this is of interest please;

  1. On a computer open your Facebook Business Suite while logged in as the page owner
  2. Hover your mouse over your icon at the top and select Edit page
  3. Click on the 'More' button and select Edit tabs
  4. Use the 6 dots icon next to the 'Book Now' tab to drag it up the list. The first 4 tabs show on the page automatically.

To disconnect your Online Booking from you Facebook page, return to the Facebook tile

Click the Actions button and click Remove from my Page



This method works on all business Facebook pages. It sets the big blue 'call to action' button to be 'Book Now', and when that's clicked on your mini-site opens in a new web browser tab.

Open the mobile web browser version of Facebook. This can be done on a mobile device or on a computer, just ensure it's the mobile page version that opens (with the 'm' at the start). You can do that at The following steps will not work on the standard (non-mobile) web page.

Open your Facebook business page while logged in as the page owner and click/tap on the big blue call to action button and select Edit button, or if you're using the Facebook mobile app long tap and select Choose a Different Button.


Set the button to 'Book Now'. You may need to click/tap on 'Chose a different button'.

Ensure your full mini site URL (e.g. is noted in the website link field. To get your mini site URL please go to the Online Booking > page and click on the Visit your mini-site button. Then copy the URL in the address bar. You can paste that into your Facebook page. 

how-do-i-connect-online-booking-with-my-facebook-business-pageSave those changes

Go to your Facebook page and make sure the call to action button says 'Book Now'. To test it's working click on that button and select Test button. It should open your mini site in a web browser.

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