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How do I connect Online Booking with my PayPal account?

To connect Online Booking with your PayPal account, choose Integration > Apps

Locate the PayPal tile


Click Connecthow-do-i-connect-online-booking-with-my-paypal-account

Complete the fileds


Paypal Merchant IdEnter your PayPal Merchant ID
Paypal EmailEnter your PayPal email address
Paypal CurrencyFrom the drop down menu, select your currency

Click Savehow-do-i-connect-online-booking-with-my-paypal-account

Your PayPal account is now connected, and will appear as connected on the PayPal tile


To change your PayPal details, click Optionshow-do-i-connect-online-booking-with-my-paypal-account

To disconnect your PayPal account, click Disconnecthow-do-i-connect-online-booking-with-my-paypal-account

Don't forget to also enable and customise your online payment settings :)

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