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How do I enable the Mini-Site and Booking Bot?

To enable the mini site in your account go to the Online Booking > page:


Or click on the setup button at the top of the page:


Create your domain name. This will be your mini site web address. E.g. ''. Enter your chosen domain name (e.g. enter "funki", do not enter "") and click Check availability:

how-do-i-enable-the-bookapp-mini-site-and-booking-bot If that domain name has already been taken, you will be prompted to re-select

Please note that once you have set your domain name it can't be changed

If your chosen domain name is available, click Confirm

Select a theme from the options available:

how-do-i-enable-the-bookapp-mini-site-and-booking-bothow-do-i-enable-the-bookapp-mini-site-and-booking-bot The theme and colours you select will also apply to your website Booking Bot


  1. Upload your business logo and icon

Click on the Online Logo Image Select File... button to upload your logo, which appears at the top of your mini-site and in your email templates

Click on the Online Icon ImageSelect File... button to upload your icon, which appears in the web browser tab for your mini-site, and as the computer desktop shortcut icon and mobile device icon when saved as a shortcut


  1. Set your header background hero image

This is the background image that shows at the top of your mini site. You can either use your own image by clicking the Online Hero Image Select File... button, or click through the tabs and select from the provided options:


  1. Select your action colours

These will be preset with the colour codes related to your chosen theme, however feel free to edit them. You can change these colours by clicking inside the field and using the colour-picker, or by entering hex colour codes.

The Action Colour field relates to the colour of buttons, clickable text and other page highlights

The Action Text Colour field sets the colour of the text within buttons


Click Save

As you edit these sections the preview on the right of the page will update to show the change:


  1. Email Settings


Show Hero in Email HeaderSelect this checkbox if you'd like the hero image at the top of your mini-site to also show at the top of your customer emailsDeselect this checkbox to not show the hero image. In this scenario the colour selected below will show as the email background header
Email Header BackgroundWhen the above checkbox is deselected the colour chosen in this colour picker will show as the background colour (behind your logo if you've uploaded one) at the top of the email template

Please Note: To ensure your theme is added to your emails please;

  1. Go to the the Notifications > Email Settings page
  2. If the green Override button is showing for your Master Email Template, no further action is required, as the new template is automatically applied
  3. If the red Revert button is showing for your Master Email Template, click on that Revert button. Once the page has reloaded click on the green Override button that appears for that template. This will then show the Edit, Disable and Revert buttons as before. The system will then apply the theme into your template and also keep the other changes you've made to this template.

Once these settings have been saved you can return to the page any time and edit them;

Click Online Booking > > Visit your mini-site to open your mini-site in a new browser tab

Click Online Booking . > Change theme to view your theme and select a new one

Click Online Booking > > Customise Site to customise your mini-site


See How do I customise my mini-site? for more information on editing your mini-site after setup

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