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How do I customise my mini-site?

Before you can customise your mini-site please ensure it's enabled in your account. See How do I enable the Mini-Site and Booking Bot?

You can customise the theme, images and colours of your mini-site. This is done on the Online Booking > page. 


Themes are preset colour options for your mini-site, Widgets and Booking Bot and can be customised on the Customise Site page:


To edit the theme of your mini-site click on the Change Theme button. Once a new theme is selected the Customise site page will open. The right side of that page shows a preview of how your mini-site will look with the selected theme. You're also able to customise the images and other colours on this page before saving (see below).

Images and Colours:

To edit the images and colours in your mini-site click on the Customise site button:

  1. Upload your logo:
    1. Online Logo Image - click on the Select File button and upload an image you'd like to show as your business logo
    2. Online Icon Image - this allows you to upload an image that shows in the web browser tab for your mini-site, and as the computer desktop shortcut icon and on mobile devices when saved as a shortcut icon. Click on the Select File button and upload the image you'd like to show.
  2. Hero image - this is the background image that shows at the top of your page. To upload your own image click on the Select File button. Or select from the images provided.
  3. Action Colours:
    1. Action Colour - this sets the colour of buttons, clickable text and other page highlights
    2. Action Text Colour - this sets the colour of the text within buttons
  4. Email Settings:
    1. Show Hero in Email Header - Select this checkbox if you'd like the hero image at the top of your mini-site and your colour theme to also show at the top of your email template. Deselect this checkbox to not show the hero image and instead show the colour selected in the below Email Header Background field.
    2. Email Header Background - When the above checkbox is deselected the colour chosen in this colour picker will show as the background colour (behind your logo if you've uploaded one) at the top of your email template

Note: The Master Email Template on the Notifications > Email Settings page must be set to the system template for the email template to be applied. If this template is edited please click on the Revert button to apply the email template.

As you edit these sections the preview on the right of the page will update to show the change. When you're happy with how your mini site looks click on a Save button in section 3 or 4.



Come back to the Online Booking > page anytime to edit these settings

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