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How do I customise the New Customer Registration Fields for Online Booking?

When a new Customer creates their first booking online, the system requires them to complete the new Customer registration page and creates a new Customer profile for them

To select which registration fields Customer completes, choose Online Booking > Settings

Scroll to the New****Customer Registration Fields section


This section includes a list of all default registration fields, as well as any Customer Custom Fields you may have added. See How do I add a Custom Field to Customers?

Select or deselect each checkbox against each field to specify:

ShowSelect this to display this field, Customers will have the option to complete it
PrimarySelect this to make the field appear on the screen by default, deselect to make the field appear only after the 'More' button has been clicked
RequiredSelect this to make the field a required field, the Customer will not be able to proceed if they do not Complete this field

Please note: If you set a field to 'Required', meaning it must be answered, also set it to 'Primary' so it shows by default

Click Save how-do-i-customise-the-new-customer-registration-fields-for-online-booking

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